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  • SalesFUSION
  • In business since 2006
  • 3939 Roswell Road
  • East Cobb, Georgia 30062 US
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Development Partner - Silver
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Sage Products: Sage SalesLogix ,  Sage CRM
SalesFUSION 360 empowers marketers with the technology needed in today's fast-paced, web 2.0 business world.  The only marketing automation software platform built on a true CRM Database, SalesFUSION takes b2b marketing to the next level by integrating disparate  technologies into a single unified software platform.  SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process.  In short, we enable companies to implement true b2b demand generation.

SalesFUSION 360 is an enabling technology for smart marketers.  We are a platform-based eMarketing application that delivers a full complement of core competency technologies to assist marketers in identifying, capturing and processing leads.  Furthermore, SalesFUSION is unique in that it is the only marketing automation solution that is built, from the ground up, on a true CRM Database.  What this means to marketers is that we make it simple and affordable to integrate all of your marketing and demand generation efforts into your CRM.  This is critical for B2B marketers in that it facilitates lead management and ROI Tracking on campaigns.
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