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Sage Products: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac]

Go-Logix is a leader and industry innovator in providing on-demand, portable shipping solutions. Go-Logix delivers integrated and scalable shipment processing technology over the web for large and small organizations and is fully integrated with Sage’s ACCPAC ERP software. Go-Logix eliminates the time consuming and error-prone implementation process inherent with traditional software so that companies can quickly begin using and benefiting from the service.

Go-Logix’s core offering is Go-Ship, a web-based multi-carrier shipping management service available as a hosted software solution (commonly known as “SaaS” or software as a service) that is rapidly deployed and easily maintained. Go-Ship produces shipping documentation (including carrier compliant labels, manifests and commercial invoices) in seconds and offers dynamic shipment tracking and alerting capabilities.

Go-Logix’s strengths include field proven software and strong acceptance from hundreds of existing users. It’s easy trial mode for customers, rapid implementation and customized API features make it a perfect tool for corporate shipping and mail room use ,and can also effectively serve small office and home applications.

A brief but powerful demonstration of the Go-Ship service for ACCPAC ERP is available at , and needs to be seen to appreciate the power of this technology & service.


“On Demand” Web Shipping

In today’s competitive marketplace your business needs to optimize all elements of your operation including the shipping process and its associated activities. To date, implementing a fully distributed shipping solution has been a costly endeavor and often coupled with compromise. That is why Go-Logix pioneered the first integrated, on-line shipping solution for organizations looking to lower costs, improve efficiencies and offer better customer service. The first Web service of its kind, Go-ShipTM is designed to dramatically impact the shipping process through distributed functionality and easy integration while combining the virtues of immediate deployment with low implementation and support costs.


The Benefits of Using Go-ShipTM

Organizations derive numerous benefits from using Go-Ship. The degree to which they benefit is dependent on their own environment. A list of benefits is outlined below with estimates (where quantifiable) on savings that can be expected upon deployment.

  1. Lower Direct Shipping Costs Using Go-Ship you can reduce your direct shipping costs through:
  • Smart Carrier Selection – For each shipment processed Go-Ship provides you with a cost comparison between available carriers. You can quickly select the most cost effective carrier based on the shipment parameters. Organizations can generally experience savings of between 7 and 15% on their overall shipping spend.
  • Service Level Control – Since Go-Ship allows you to limit the available courier services by user, expensive express services can be suppressed ensuring your users choose the more economical services. Given economy service can be up to 70% less expensive than an overnight AM service the savings here can be substantial.
  • Improved Carrier Negotiations – Go-Ship captures every shipment processed allowing you to have a complete picture of your shipping patterns. This information is critical in negotiations with carriers and can help reduce your direct shipping costs by as much as 5 to 10%.

    2.   Improve Efficiencies:

         Go-Ship has a smart and easy to use interface that reduces the time spent on shipment processing and follow up.

  • Automatic Shipping Labels & Waybills – Go-Ship allows you to quickly enter your shipment parameters and automatically produce a “carrier ready” shipping label or waybill from your desktop. By eliminating the time consuming and error prone method of writing up shipping waybills, shipment preparation can be reduced by as much as 75%. In cases where Go-Ship is integrated with your core accounting application (e.g. Sage Accpac) orders can be automatically converted into shipments without any re-keying.
  • Multi-Carrier Support – Go-Ship is compliant with all major couriers and many LTL carriers in North America allowing shipment processing to be done from one standard interface. You can save time by no longer having to work with multiple shipping systems or paper forms to process your shipments.
  • Integrated Tracking & Automated Status Updates – Go-Ship gives you the ability to quickly retrieve your shipments by reference and view their status. Further, Go-Ship provides direct links to the carrier’s web site to see detailed tracking information. These features greatly reduce the amount of time required to follow up on shipments.

    3.   Improve Customer Service

  • Automated e-Mail Notices – Go-Ship has automatic advanced shipment notifications and delivery confirmations via e-mail allowing for better shipment follow up and communication.
  • On-Line Quoting – Comparative quotes by carrier and service are only a few clicks away allowing for a fast and easy way to let customers know precisely what their shipping options are and what their charges will be.
  • Quick Status Lookup – Current status, detailed tracking and POD information are all at your fingertips allowing for quick response to post shipment inquiries. Further, the service can be extended to your consignees allowing them access to the same convenient tools.

Complete Shipping Functionality

Go-Ship is a value-based solution uniquely designed to address the needs of those organizations that need to courier any volume of letters, paks and packages in a distributed environment with a host of features that include:

  • Generated Paperwork – The service can produce bar code ready labels, waybills hard copy manifests and end of day electronic files compliant with the carrier chosen for the shipment.
  • Multi- Carrier Enabled – Go-Ship can process shipments for all the major North American couriers including UPS, FedEx, DHL & Purolator.
  • e-Mail Notifications – Automatic generation of e-mail notifications for POD’s (proof of delivery) and pending shipments.
  • On-Line Quoting – The service enables users to easily get personalized, comparative shipping quotes based on a set of user specified shipment parameters.
  • On-Line Address Book – Users can access and maintain a complete address book allowing for the rapid and accurate processing of shipments.
  • Integrated Tracking – Users can easily track any shipment using a system generated waybill number or their own internal reference code.
  • Order Status History – Status changes details are recorded for every shipment identifying the user and the time of the change. The system automatically updates shipments with POD information once they are delivered.
  • Shipment Log – Shipping transactions are available upon demand and conveniently include POD information, tracking links and “drill-down” for complete shipment details.
  • Distributions – For bulk shipments with the same characteristics users can quickly prepare the shipping labels all in one easy process.
  • Customs Documentation – The service produces optional customs documentation for cross border shipments.
  • Information & Reporting – Extensive shipment information is available to each user on-line or as a downloadable file for the importing into any desktop application for further analysis and reporting.

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