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  • Service Technologies Corp.
  • In business since 1985
  • 3880 Vest Mill Road Suite 201
  • Winston Salem, North Carolina 27104 US
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Development Partner - Silver
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Sage Products: Sage PFW

Service Technologies Corp has been a part of the Sage PFW Community as a Reseller, Developer and Development Partner for the past 20 years. STC is the leading source for Sage PFW Companion Programs with a stable of 30 products installed at over 800 sites in the U.S. and abroad. Our smart solutions range from complex systems for Warehouse Automation, EDI, Payroll, Human Resources and Electronic Payments to simple Import and File Management Utilities.


All STC solutions streamline workflow and extend the functionality and value of Sage software for “real-world” Users. STC Products are very User-friendly and offer seamless integration to Sage PFW. They install to the Sage PFW menus and use its familiar processing procedures and Pervasive(R) database engine and Crystal Reports(R). Our ever-expanding line of software solutions currently encompass the following processes


Accounts Receivable Solutions

  •    Counter Sales & Smart Invoice Entry
  •    Advanced A/R Reports & Invoice Reprint
  •    Apply Cash Receipts across Customers
  •    Auto–apply Cash from Prepaid Orders
  •    Create Consolidated Statements
  •    Collections Profile Reports
  •    Import Customer or Invoice Data
  •    Import Lockbox & EDI Payment files
  •    Manage Multi-Location Customers w/ Customer Connector
  •    Portrait-Formatted SAGE PFW Reports
  •    Purge Customers/Activity by Date
  •    Small Balance Write-off Automation

Accounts Payable Solutions

  • Import Vendors & Vouchers
  • Purge Vendors/Activity by Date.
  • Electronic(EFT) Payments w/ ACH
  • Positive Pay Check Protection


Automate Programs & Reports with Batch-O-Matic Automation Engine


Bank Book Solutions

  • Journal Transaction Import
  • Auto-Reconciliation from Bank File
  • Consolidate multiple companies into one BB file for easy reconciliation 


General Ledger Solutions

  • Chart of Accounts Clean Up
  • Consolidate/Purge GL Activity
  • Account Segment Reconfiguration

Inventory-Oriented Solutions

  • Import Physical Counts
  • Import or Update Item & Formula Data
  • Purge Historical Information
  • File Resynch - Item/Qty Validation to correct Valuation problems
  • Auto Reset Seasonal Min/Max’s Adv.

Order Entry & Order Processing Solutions

  • Counter Sales & Easy O/E
  • “On-the-fly” Document Generation (Pick Slip, BOL, User created, etc.)
  • Import Sales Order Data
  • Smart Inventory Allocation Wizard
  • Smart Item Availability Viewer

Plain-Paper Forms Plain-Paper Forms & Smart Reports Bundle


Project Cost - Import Project Cost Data  & Auto-Interface AP & PO Desc


Purchase Order - Import Purchase Order Data


Reporting Automation Batch-O-Matic Report & Process Automation Engine


Shipping & Warehouse Management

  • Shipping Wizard - Inventory Allocation tool
  • TIGER Warehouse Automation
  • Physical Count Automation
  • Real Time Warehouse Management



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