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AP Advanced Payments (E-Payments & PosPay) for Sage PFW
STC's A/P Advanced Payments provides two tools which streamline and secure the vendor payment process. 
1) Electronic (ACH) Payments generates transmission-ready ACH files
2) Positive Pay creates a file documenting yourchecks to prevent fraud
Compatible With: Sage PFW, Versions 5.5 , 5.6
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Software Price $795
Annual Maintenance $100

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For the past ten years, STC's A/P Advanced Payments has been the solution of choice for over 100 Sage PFW sites to streamline and secure their vendor payment process.  Both E-Payments via ACH and Positive Pay Check Protection are included in the solution which elegantly handles these tasks with with minimal changes to daily payment processing.  There are no additional charges for bank overlays since Users can quickly configure the files to their banks' requirements.


Electronic (ACH) Payments quickly creates “transmission-ready” ACH payments file(s) as part of the regular AP check generation process. It can even email a copy of the Payment Advice to each Vendor as part of the cycle.


After a Batch is set-up/selected for payment in using normal PFW AP selection processes, and BEFORE the PFW “Print & Post Voucher Payment” option is run, the STC Print & Post DD Payments is run. Procedure mirrors that of any PFW process. Parameters are setup (saved, if desired) and the process launched The file can be run for any range of Dates/Documents for a given Cash Account. This program will then do the following.

  1. Automatically review all PFW Vouchers selected for Print/Post, processing.
  2. Write ACH file entries & print Payment Advices (document similar to checks – detailing amount and invoices paid) for DD-enabled Vendors in the batch.
  3. Email* a pdf image of Payment Advices & Post Vouchers for DD Vendors.
  4. Print a file copy of any Emailed Advices (optional)
  5. Once the DD run is complete, the PFW “Print & Post Voucher Payment” program should be run to print Checks and post Vouchers for remaining non-DD Vendors
  6. The DD/ACH Payment file may then be uploaded to the bank.

* Note - MS Outlook is required for automatic emailing

 - Also included are 2 Utilities:

    -- DD Regenerate Payment File   -- Generate Pre-Notes (for new Vendors)


Positive Payments (POSPAY) "heads-off" the mushrooming problem of check fraud by generating a cross-reference file for your bank detailing the items & amounts of check payments made in PFW. The Bank will deny payment of checks which differ from the Payee, Document #, Amount or Date in the file or if the draft is presented more than once. Bank fees are often reduced for users of this service


PosPay Files are generated using familiar Parameter Windows (similar to PFW). A file may be generated for a Cash Account by any range of Document No's or Dates. The File format, name & output paths are also specified.


Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Check Processing, Vendor management