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Easily Manage Client Jobs Orders and Resumes from Your Sage ACT! Database.
Tracks progress of candidates from screening through hiring.
Placements’ resume keyword search engine can quickly find the best candidates  (search 50,000 resumes in 5 seconds).
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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Placements is a complete recruitment and job tracking module for small or large Executive Search organizations.   Tailored around Sage ACT! elegant contact management and scheduling features,  Placements adds Client Contact modules for Job Orders,  and tracking of your Candidate Contacts on these Jobs.
The system allows you to move candidates through the search/hiring process,  with 8 stages starting with "Posted", and ending with "Placed"  (Submitted "and "Interviews" are somewhere in the middle)

Handling Resumes and Resume Searches
Resumes can be attached to any candidate record,  or automatically be brought into the system from Outlook using our custom outlook plug-in, that allows you to analyze the candidate data before approving the contact details and the resume file.
Once approved, the resume data gets attached to the contact record, and indexed into our sophisticated resume database for remarkably speedy keyword resume searches.  (example:  you can do a keyword search through 50,000 resumes in 3 - 6 seconds.  
Our search results are handsome.   You see the number of times you keyword was "hit" in a resume.  And you can view the resume and see your keyword highlighted.   In the search results, you can also see Candidates salary requirements and location.

You can narrow your resume searches by Geography, Salary Requirements, Industry, etc - and one click lets you view or edit the resume,  or navigate to the Candidates ACT-Contact record.

Placements has management reports that give overviews of your staffers productivity, as well as status and detail job reports which are great ways to review jobs in department meetings.


Placements is suited for both small business and is also scalable to accommodate larger companies with multiple divisions.  (for instance: Technology, Finance, Temp, Insurance, Legal, etc. etc)

Industries: Labor Resource Services, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Human Resource Management