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Positive Pay TM8
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Positive Pay TM8 3.0 can eliminate external check fraud. Effortlessly create a file for any type of check session to send to your bank for their Positive Pay service. Works with multiple banks, multiple databases, and multiple cash accounts!
Compatible With: Sage 100 Fund Accounting [Fund Accounting], Versions
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Up to 5 Databases $ 1495

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FBI statistics show that 2/3 of all check fraud is external. Positive Pay 1.1 is a very simple, user-friendly software that can eliminate that external fraud.


What makes Positive Pay TM8 simple and quick? We get the data directly from the accounting system for you. Instead of you spending hours manually preparing a MIP report to convert file and map it to the bank's format as you do with other products, you do it quickly in one single, uncomplicated screen. You can even use it to report checks for any number of accounts at the same bank as long as they have their own GL-Type account code in MIP.


How it prevents fraud:

Most banks offer some sort of cash management or reconciliation program which includes a positive pay service component. If you participate in such a program, when Positive Pay TM8 creates a file for your bank , it contains information on the checks you have processed.


Then the check number, payee, amount, date, and account information on checks presented to your bank for payment are compared to the data in the file you transmitted. If the check contains information that does not match your file, you are notified and can decide whether or not to release the funds.


How Positive Pay TM8 works:

Once you have used the single-screen setup for the cash accounts (to provide the bank's account number), your work will usually literally be:

• One click on a drop-down menu (if there are more than one un-posted disbursement session in Sage Fund Accounting for your bank account)

• One click to select an item from it and

• One click to write the bank's file to disk.

Then just use the bank's facility to send it to them


If you need to select a Sage Fund Accounting organization database or cash account other than the one you used last time, a couple of more clicks are all that’s needed.


Special Features:

  • Ability to submit Payroll checks for Positive Pay even if payroll was transferred in Summary. 
  • Ability to include/exclude ACH payments (created by Sage's EFT Vendor feature) from the file, as requested by your bank
  • Ability to include/exclude Direct Deposit payments (created by Sage's Payroll module) from the file, as requested by your bank.

What it comes with:

• Implementation and Training

• Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

• Expertise

–TeamNFP has built solutions for Sage nonprofit users for more than 15 years

–Client referrals available on request

–Developers of a family of products designed to maximize the benefit of your investment in Sage Fund Accounting and Payroll

- Support for additional banks available for additional fee


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