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eBridge Connections EDI for Sage PFW
eBridge Connections for Sage PFW is a ready to use EDI solution that provides bi-directional integration of accounting information between Sage PFW and the back-end system implemented by your trading partners.
Compatible With: Sage PFW, Versions 5.5 , 5.6
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 eBridge Connections for Sage PFW is your EDI integration solution. eBridge Connections is the only solution available that solves the EDI puzzle completely for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Providing seamless, automated integration, the bridge allows businesses to eliminate the need for manual data entry and to quickly achieve EDI compliance with their business partners for maximum efficiency, with minimum costs incurred. eBridge for Sage PFW is a ready to use EDI solution that provides bi-directional integration of accounting information between Sage PFW and the back-end system implemented by your trading partners, instantly synchronizing sales order and purchase information, payment data, and other business critical information between both systems. EDI and XML are supported, covering all compliance possibilities. ASN Module: Advance Shipping Notices have become commonplace requirements in many EDI relationships - customers need to know what you can ship, and when, before the inventory in question even reaches their doors. The eBridge ASN Module features powerful functionality, which enables users to apply shipping-related information to all transactions, reducing the need for manual data entry in the process. From single item codes to multi-trailers, the eBridge ASN Module allows precise and detailed packing, ensuring that your customer always knows what's coming. Benefits: Flexible Document Exchange Schedule eBridge can operate in either batch or unattended batch mode, giving you as much control over your data transactions as you demand. Batch mode enables large volumes of information to be processed using pre-defined parameters. Data interchange can also be achieved without human intervention in unattended batch mode. This flexibility ultimately gives you complete control over your document exchange schedule ensuring you meet the requirements outlined by your business partners. Data Integrity: Relying on manual data entry and duplication always leaves open the possibility of human error, which can quickly grow from a mistyped number to an inventory and invoicing nightmare. eBridge for Sage PFW eliminates the need for manual data duplication, while leveraging the business logic in your accounting application to ensure that information received and sent during EDI transactions is reliable and accurate. Scalability: The eBridge solution is scalable. No matter how many maps or trading partners you begin with, the solution has the ability to grow along with your business, with expandable functionality provided by additional document maps, ASN generation, and a mapper application for editing and creation. Speed of Implementation eBridge has been created to ensure rapid deployment. With the installation handled by our team of professional implementation consultants, your company is made EDI compliant quickly and painlessly, ensuring a quick return on investment. EDI for Sage PFW is your EDI integration solution. It bridges the gap between information exchanged with your business partners and your accounting solution. Bi-directional data synchronization is fast, automatic, and accurate, saving you time and money. • Seamless, bi-directional data exchange in various data formats, including EDI (ANSI X12, EDIFACT,) XML, CSV and Flat Files • Flexible communication methods including traditional VANs, Internet VANs, AS2, FTP, HTTP(S), dial-up or e-mail • Attended or Unattended Batch Mode for streamlined document processing • User-defined audit trails, error notices and reports can be automatically distributed via e-mail • Ability to interface with all EDI translators Freedom to choose:  eBridge Connections offers the customer the freedom to choose either an In-House EDI solution or more of an outsourced solution. ePortal for Sage PFW allows the customer to have integration and communication together in one robust solution with no need to manage any type of software interface in order to execute EDI Transactions. With ePortal Sage Software ERP users will experience EDI with No Transaction charges. eBridge ePortal Solution includes: - Unlimited Trading Partner Transactions - No Transaction Fees or On-Going VAN fees. - ePortal communicates to VANS,AS2,FTP,XML and more. - No Monthly Network Access Charge or VAN Interconnect/Conversion Charges - MailBox provided - Maintenance for Map Changes requested by trading Partners are Free - Secured Network for data transmission - Web Interface for Document Management and modifications as a Back-up - All Document history is viewable, Printable and archived on ePortal for customer convenience - 997 Automatically Sent by ePortal System ( FA ) Functional Acknowledgement

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